Christmas offers now available!

It’s rapidly approaching Christmas and now is the time to knuckle down and get those presents bought! What better gift can you give then the gift of good health?!

Looking like Santa Claus once a year is all well and good but who wants to look like him all year round? Improving your health and fitness can help you to enjoy the benefits of:

Reduced; Body-Fat, Sluggishness, risk of Joint pains and problems, risk of Arthritis, risk of heart diseases and Diabetes.

Improvements in; Back Pain, Mobility, energy, Strength, Bone Density, Athletic Performance & most importantly Happiness and Confidence!

Why would you not want to give someone such a valuable gift for Christmas? And working with Orchard Personal Training ensures you have a professional and knowledgeable trainer supporting you throughout the whole process!

Offers now available:

Want to just give them a nudge in the right direction?

2 sessions are just a miniscule £50!

Want to offer them a greater commitment and some more substantial results? Why not get them

5 Sessions for £139 (£36 saved!)

10 Sessions for £279 (£71 Saved!)

15 Sessions for just £399! (£126 saved!)

All these packages include:

Initial consultation, Including current measurements, Posture Screening and Strength analysis!

Goal setting workshop to really plan your future health and fitness programming!

Tailor made programming to help you achieve your goals in the most effective ways possible!

One-to-One support throughout the whole process!

Follow up testing and consultation to analyse your improvements over the course of training and discuss the future of your health and fitness!

Professional and confidential service throughout the whole process!

Ongoing support and knowledge just a phone call or text away!

Offers only available until Christmas so get in touch now!


Phone: 07917292130

I look forward to hearing from you!